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Welcome, bloggers & solopreneurs!

Are you new to the world of blogging + online biz – and you don’t know where to start?

Feeling like a coffee-guzzling insomniac since starting your online business?

Beaten down by blogging overwhelm and the need to constantly “show up” online?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, then Unicorn Copy Co. is just the cup of tea you need.

(Unless, of course, you don’t like tea).

Unicorn Copy Co. is here to help you with everything from business overwhelm to crazy-converting email templates and everything in between.

Who’s behind Unicorn Copy Co.?

Hey, hey, hey!

My name’s Alex and I’m your conversion-loving marketing maven and Head Unicorn here at Unicorn Copy Co. I’m a certified content and marketing strategist who la-la-loves experimenting & tweaking sales funnels in her spare time.

After starting two successful online business in the last two years, I’m back for a third: helping bloggers & solopreneurs like you beat the overwhelm in online biz and get the dream fans, leads, and sales you’ve always wanted.

Stick around for a few, why don’t you? I’ve got goodies here to boost your biz that you won’t want wanna miss.

From The Blog

The Unicorn Copy Co. Manifesto


1) Thou shalt not cry salty tears of despair 2 AM in the morning over WordPress bugs.

2) Thou shalt not compare yourself to other online business owners, especially those who’ve been doing this for eons.

3) Thou shalt not create leaky funnels that scare the be-Jesus out of marketers near and far.

4) Thou shalt not sacrifice your boy(girl)friend, husband, partner-in-crime, friend, drinking buddy, shih tzu, child, pet llama, Sunday picnics on the park, or your sanity for the sake of online business.

5) Thou shalt not look at “help” as a dirty four-letter word.

6) Thou shalt not become an insufferable perfectionist.

7) Thou shalt pick yourself back up after every perceived failure and keep moving at lightning speed.

8) Thou shalt place your audience on a pedestal because that is their deserving place.

9) Thou shalt build the online business of your dreams with grit, determination, patience, self-care, and an obsessive desire to serve your audience the best of what your niche has to offer.

10) Thou shalt realize you were, are, and always will be, a unicorn.