Welcome, bloggers & solopreneurs, to Unicorn Copy Co.

Take off your shoes and make yourself at home, the journey has been a long one…

You’ve survived the re-thinking, re-analyzing, and second-guessing your blog idea close to a million times.

You’ve made it through sleepless nights struggling to write the “perfect” blog post.

You’ve pulled out more hairs than you can count as you sat hunched over your laptop wondering, “What do I send my list?”

To stay on top of it all – life, family, friends, maybe even school or job – you drank so much coffee one day that your eyeballs twitched every time you heard the word social media calendar.

And you may have even typed HELP into Google simply because you were at your wit’s end.

You’ve stayed afloat with the tidal wave of tasks you needed to finish after starting your solopreneur journey, but at the expense of your sanity.

But “afloat” isn’t “swimming,” is it? It’s barely surviving.

I get it.

Not a lot of bloggers or solopreneurs will admit it, but starting your online biz is hard as hell. And not one person found success today without some help.

So let me ask:

How can I help you?

Hi! Who am I, you ask?

Some have referred to me as:

1) “Ms. Marketing Maven”

2) “Ads Whiz”

3) “Conversion Girl”

4) “Smartypants”

5) “The One Who Got Us Sales”

6) “That Marketing Chick – What Was Her Name?”

And while I’m absolutely flattered my reputation preceded me enough to grant me all these names (my fave is “That Marketing Chick – What Was Her Name?”), I humbly request you call me Alex.

And I’m here to help you master all things marketing — whether it’s scaling your blog, growing your list so quickly you’ll need to upgrade from the free plan (#MavenMarketer problems), or creating sales funnels that make you backflip in pure joy ’cause they work so good.*

*As good as eating peanut-butter-chocolate ice cream out of the box on Saturday nights, but not better.

But why Unicorn Copy?

Because if you’re starting an online biz or blog, you’ve got Unicorn potential to grow as much as you want.

I had my “Unicorn Moment” when my first business as a copywriting & marketing consultant (hence, “Unicorn Copy”) took off.

I realized I had something to offer clients and that I could make a living doing it.

Good news?

You’ll have your Unicorn Moment, too.


1. “Fluff” advice about growing or making money with your blog, growing your subscriber list, or making sales online.

2. Sleazy “internet marketing” tactics that don’t really add value for your readers.

3. Get-rich-quick schemes or pitches of a similar nature.

4. Claims that all money earned online is mostly “passive” (and anyone who tells you otherwise isn’t being attentive enough in their own business).

5. “Trendy” tactics that have a short shelf-life (and that won’t put you ahead of your competition).

But you WILL find…

1. Strategies and tips that have worked for me and my clients in the following areas:

  • Building a sustainable business out of your blog (and not the other way around)
  • Finding the exact way to monetize your unique blog (without some cookie-cutter approach others suggest you take)
  • Creating online offers that sell
  • Growing subscriber lists
  • Selling online
  • Writing highly-converting, engaging copy
  • Creating sales funnels that work 24/7 (and how to make those sales funnels work better)
  • Creating Pinterest and Facebook ads that feed your business
  • Branding yourself to attract your ideal readers
  • …and more!

2. Personal advice after managing $300K+ worth of marketing budget from all of my clients combined.

3. “Marketing-talk” translated for you – so that you get the benefits of leading, time-tested strategies but without the confusing jargon.

Because I believe…

You can grow your online business as long as you’re providing value for your readers.

Knowing how to market and brand yourself and your blog puts you leaps ahead of your competition.

Marketing is at the core of running a solid online business. If you know marketing, then you’re in a better position to build a sustainable blog and business online.

Over-delivering is actually a good thing.

Giving your readers the best deal – whether it’s with your product, time, or expertise.