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I’m honored that you’re interested in becoming an affiliate for Unicorn Copy’s Shop.

Unicorn Copy’s Shop sells digital products such as blog printables, blog planners, and other useful blogging templates to help bloggers and solopreneurs boost their blog conversions, strategy, and run their blogging biz with ease.


Affiliates receive a 40% commission on products from the Unicorn Copy Co. Shop.


This means if an item sells for $27, you will receive $10.80.

Here’s a few things you need to know before you apply to be an affiliate:


Requirements to become a Unicorn Copy Shop Affiliate:

1. You must have purchased the digital product before. This a given. It’s best you understand the product and have used it before you promote it to your audience.

2. You must disclose any promotional social media material properly if linking to a Unicorn Copy Shop product. This includes Pinterest pins, FB posts, and the like.

3. You must agree to the commission structure and Affiliate Agreement. If you’d like to have a digital copy of Unicorn Copy Co’s Affiliate Agreement, please email me with an appropriate subject line at alex [at] unicorncopy [dot] co


Ready to become an affiliate?


Then check out the Unicorn Copy Co. Shop here to see which products you think your audience will love.

Please purchase the product, use it, and only then will you be given the chance to be an affiliate (this option is provided for all customers who purchase Unicorn Copy Co. Shop digital products).


Thank you for your interest!