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SiteGround is hands-down my favorite web hosting site for new bloggers. Most people will recommend you to start with Bluehost because it’s only a dollar cheaper per month – don’t do it!!

I started with Bluehost as a new blogger years ago and immediately regretted it because my site was so slow on it (I was losing traffic every day!).

Start your blog the right way with SiteGround; I haven’t looked back since.

Divi from Elegant Themes is my favorite drag-and-drop theme for WordPress. It’s so easy to use compared to other drag-and-drop themes like Themify and Elementor (both of which I’ve tried and didn’t like).

Divi was the only drag-and-drop theme that gave me the design freedom and functionality to get the look and feel I wanted on my websites.

Unlike other drag-and-drop themes, you only need to purchase a Divi license once to use on multiple sites (that means if you branch out in the future with different sites, you don’t have to pay for Divi twice).

Highly recommended in my book!

I’ve seen a lot of websites charge silly-large prices for domain names. NameCheap has the best rates I’ve seen so far across different domain marketplaces.

NameCheap also offers WHOIS guard inclusively with the price of your domain name – that means one less add-on you have to purchase separately.

Convertkit is. The. Best. Hands. Down!

I started with Mailchimp as a new blogger years ago, and I couldn’t figure out a simple way to use different opt-ins from different landing pages. This is a failure on Mailchimp’s part, so I quickly switched over to Convertkit to fill this need.

So glad I did. Convertkit is the easiest and most intuitive email service provider I’ve used. It allows me to create multiple lead forms for different lead magnets, segment my list easily, and tag subscribers depending on their behavior (link clicks, etc).

Start with Convertkit especially if you plan to grow; you won’t regret it!

I’m a big fan of DIY, but I have to admit: there are just some things you shouldn’t “DIY” and should outsource as soon as you can. One of those is design.

That’s where Creative Market comes in — I can easily get lost on this site for hours, clicking through beautiful templates, logos, and other loads of design inspiration. I’ve bought a lot of the product mockups they offer, and I usually head over here to find unique fonts I haven’t seen anywhere else.

You’ll love Creative Market; check it out here (make sure to leave aside a few hours of just for browsing).

One thing I always loved about PicMonkey is that I can play around with textures more compared to Canva.

It’s also much easier to do cool texture effects on PicMonkey than on Canva (like creating a gold-foil background for your fonts). If you really want to take your DIY graphic design to the next level, get both!

I use PicMonkey for special occasions, but Canva remains to be my go-to DIY design tool. It’s so intuitive to use, and upgrading to their pro plan has saved me so much time when it comes to resizing and setting up my brand colors and fonts.

I use Canva for everything: logo creation, pin creation, even drawing up some beautiful lead magnets. I make most of my lead magnets in Canva, and the effect is always stunning.

I don’t know where I’d be without Tailwind. I started using it for my last blogging business, and I haven’t looked back to manual pinning since. Although I’ll still pin manually based on what I find in my Pinterest feed, Tailwind has helped me schedule all my pins far in advance so that I don’t have to.

This takes a lot of the worry over making sure your website is getting consistent, quality, organic traffic from Pinterest. You can’t imagine the ease of mind I have knowing Tailwind is doing the leg work for me here.

If you’re working for yourself online, you know it’s pretty easy for your business and personal expenses to bleed into each other.

FreshBooks makes it easy for you to keep track of your business’s financial health. Say goodbye to the days of overwhelming tax deadlines! FreshBooks has you covered in this department (it even has a super easy invoice-sending feature which is useful when you’re hiring contractors).

Highly recommend if you’d rather spend your precious time on your business instead of taxes!

If you’re in the stage of your business where you’re ready to create evergreen campaigns, then Deadline Funnel is a must. With Deadline Funnel, unique subscribers on your list can get their own countdown timer set just for them.

You can already imagine the possibilities with it, right?

It doesn’t hurt that Deadline Funnel integrates seamlessly with a bunch of other apps like Convertkit, ActiveCampaign, and even LeadPages. Deadline Funnel really allows you to put “automated” back in your online biz.

LeadPages is probably the easiest landing page and funnel builder that I’ve seen. At some point, you’ll want to upgrade your existing funnels to a paid service like Leadpages (if you’re using your own theme’s free drag-and-drop builder pages) because as you grow, so does your need to have more landing pages.

Creating endless landing pages on your own site can get a bit tiresome and unproductive; besides, it gets really unorganized quickly on the Pages dashboard of your WordPress site. Unlike your own landing pages, it’s much easier to track analytics on LeadPages (you’d have to use Google Analytics to track conversion stats accurately on DIY landing pages).

LeadPages solves that easily; couldn’t recommend enough!

Ah, what would I do without Evernote?

Think of Evernote as a really decked out online note-taking app. It sync across your devices, it lets you take “clippings” off the web of notes to save for later, and it lets you keep everything organized by “Notebook.”

If you jot down notes as frequently as I do and are horrified by how disorganized it gets, then Evernote was made just for you.

Trello is my go-to app for task and project management. Trello lets you create Boards; within each Board you get to create Lists you can customize with a bunch of different tasks.

You can set a due date for each task, and you can even sync the Trello board with your iCal or other calendar app so you can stay on track.

Trello has made it really easy for me to organize all the little things I have to do to keep my online businesses and life running. Check Trello out!

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